1. I'd love to as it's my birthday that weekend too - but you are 215 miles away.
  2. Set off early , make a weekend of it . York is a great place to visit, and not far away .
    Or we could move the party a bit closer to you if that would be easier.:thumbsup:
  3. Sounds like a brilliant idea! Count us in, please (unless the brakes aren't fixed/the snow hasn't melted by then ...)
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  4. Get your finger out and get the van fixed , it will be good to see you:beer:
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  5. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    i did think i had commented on this -i think you are nuts :)

    But a very very nice person to do this :thumbsup:
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  6. Im look forward to this, ( you are a chick , right)
  7. 72wilma

    72wilma Moderator

    Ohh eee we're in!!!!
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  8. What an amazing idea for a 40th ! I hope she has a very very good one :)
  9. Any chance of extra camping in the field on the Sunday night too the bugcatcher given it's a BH weekend?

    Also people, don't forget your Jimmy Saville costumes :)
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  10. See you there all :thumbsup:
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  11. Dont see why not , i will be spending most of sunday pulling down marques and dismantling the stage , but we will probably stay over sunday
    night as well, theres a pub a short walk away in Monk Fryston and a village shop but not much else.
    And there will be the porta loos but apart from that ,its just a field
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  12. Can't wait... :p x
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  13. Like we need anything other than a field, a pub and the loo :thumbsup: :beer:
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  14. FIRE
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  15. Oh yes. So we don't need anything other than a field, a pub, a loo and some fire. And that's definitely it. Most definitely.
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  16. We would love to come thank you, I'm saying yes from me and Alan
  17. Linz was just asking if you were coming, see you there.:thumbsup:
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  18. Just a reminder. 25th may 40 fest . 4 bands/ singers booked , a bit of something for every one .
    The address is Austfield lane , Monkfrystone , Leeds, LS 25.
    Music starts 5 pm camping from about 3pm , food available from catering van, bring your own booze ,
    Officially there is no glass , but anyone caught with bottles may have a finger wagged at them , please don't leave bottles lying around, i cant afford the vet bill
    for a broken horse when we've finished.
    no water or hook ups on site so bring your own water. fire pits and bbqs welcome there will be some paving flags to stand them on so we don't
    scorch the grass. dogs and even children are welcome. portaloos are provided.
    Any one turning up in a campervan will get straight in , everyone else will need a wrist band , there will be security on the gate .
    PM me an address and number of tickets required and i will post them to you (Para)
    we will probably be staying over on sunday night as well so anyone wanting to stay an extra night is welcome but don't expect me to entertain you
    for a second night .
    , i will have had it by then
    Looking forward to seeing you all for a great night .
    The Bugcatcher :burp:

    PS we have a quiet corner set aside for Bern and Jen.
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  19. Can't wait hoping to get there about 6 don't finish work til late you seeeee x
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  20. We've set off now - cant wait!:D
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