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Discussion in 'France' started by lost-en-france, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. Hi guys

    As some of you know I've moved to a vineyard in the Lot region of France...

    Of course come September I need help picking

    I have loads of fields and can provide meals and hook up ...

    In return 5 hours graft every day

    Pm me if you're interested

    It's organic wine and tastes super ...

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  2. :thinking:

    wine you say...? :beer:
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  3. So you drink Wine for 5 hours. Im in:burp:
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  4. Poptop2

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    I'd prefer to come the year after and just drink the wine in May :hattip:
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  5. We have 6,000 bottles in the cave

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  6. :eek: Wow what type :burp:
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  7. CollyP

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  8. Faust

    Faust Supporter

    Where's the lot region ?
  9. davidoft

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  10. Pre- techenders meet up en France ?
    Let’s do it!
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  11. Le *******ed-up-ender's
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  12. As usual but different country :D
  13. :eek:
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  14. Poptop2

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    Why don’t you wait until you’ve finished that lot then?
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  15. scrooge95

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  16. Here's my counter offer, one weeks free camping/meals/free wine for 17.5 minutes work a week
  17. It would be fun a load of use going:thinking:
  18. Faust

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    Sounds like it might be do the lot region .;)
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  19. 77 Westy

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    I’ll be at the Circuit Des Remparts in Angouleme 13th to 15th September.

    When are you likely to start picking? And I know it depends on when the grapes are ripe.
  20. scrooge95

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    Hmmmm a week grape picking and drinking wine, a week relaxing, and then straight to September techenders.......??!
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