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  1. Step through hybrid bike, formerly known as a ladies mountain bike, is occupying space and needs to go. It's an Apollo Excel 3500 with a 17" frame with oversize tubing, 15 speeds, alloy rims, bar ends, rear rack, decent tyres, new headset bearings and brake blocks. Rides OK, a bit scuffed and tarnished but good usable condition. Not so precious that you can't leave it lying about. Collect from S18 please.
  2. If it doesn't go through TLB then try: Freecycle and or Freegle, which have local groups you can post it in.
  3. Merlin Cat

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    I may be interested in this @docjohn . I will ask Sarah if she’s interested as she’s not got a bike. Tho that’s mainly because she’s fairly rubbish at cycling! :)
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  4. I put all our rubbish in the black bin, Becky says I'm rubbish at recycling:p
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  5. You are welcome to have first refusal on the bike @Merlin Cat, no obligation though!:)
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  6. you can cycle alongside Sarah as she runs..

    along the canal...

    what could possibly go wrong..:thinking:
  7. Gone to a good home through Freegle :)
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