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  1. I'm now home, 1580 miles of pure fun. The bus was awesome. I had an airleak on the carb manifold the night we left, didn't stop me dead but was soon sorted (rubber collar slipped down a bit) My roll bar snapped in St Etienne but I took it easy heading north and it was fine, but other than that she's been as strong as an Ox and it's done everything I wanted it too. It's trips like this one that made me buy a van and get out there. Many of the people I spoke to about my trip before I went scoffed and said "you think it'll make it?" The answer is yes actually it will.

    It's easy really, look after your vehicle and it will look after you.
  2. A few but not many. Loads of really noisy frogs though.
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  3. Proper frogs not the French
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  4. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    Well you are in france what do you expect? :D

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