Forth Rail Bridge, Scotland

Discussion in 'Photography' started by 75swampy, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. Few of my Rail Bridge Pics



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    I love that bridge. I always stop and gawp at it when I’m up there. Fab pics of some fab engineering. Cheers for posting
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  3. Yes. It is rather beautiful isn’t it? I’m not even sure why. It just is.
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    I think for me it’s the sheer size of it. When a train goes through it the bridge dwarfs it.
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  5. Forth Bridge is brilliant engineering - wonder what happened to the other 3
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  6. We have views of the Rail Bridge , old road bridge and new road crossing from our house. Very lucky to see it every day !!
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    Fab photos @75swampy :)

    I’ve never seen that bridge in real life.

    I also like the Millau bridge in France, tho bit unnerving on a windy day!
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    It’s best in real life MC
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  9. It’s pretty unreal and great to see it in all weathers, morning noon & night.
  10. This is hound point a marine fueling terminal on the river forth next to the bridges. pretty cool too when it’s all lit up. View over to Edinburgh out of the picture in the left.

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  11. Been under it loads of times, spent a couple of years based in Rosyth, will have to try and dig a photo out.
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    I'm no Lord Lichfield image.jpeg
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  14. Here you go, must have been about 1990/1 shortly before the first Gulf War. As the Navigating Officer I would have been directing the ship through.

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