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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Razzyh, Mar 3, 2024.

  1. Razzyh

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    1st race
  2. Another Verstappen walk over - gonna be another boring snooze fest this year unless Ferrari and Merc buck up their ideas. .
  3. Honestly fell asleep with 20 laps to go.. ffs
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  4. Never a massive fan of F1 but I did used to like Button , Hill and Mansell but from day one I could never warm to Lewis Hamilton and even more so now when he starts his preaching .It just seems way to serious , sterile and with drivers with zero personality .
  5. matty

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    Again like last year most of the action and focus is off the track
    Only a few more weeks and BSB starts
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  6. Exactly right , if it wasn't for the hype there wouldn't be the supposed interest in F1 - end of .
    The cars may be the pinacle of motorsport development but that doesn't make for good racing , look at literally any other series and it's far more entertaining . I'm sure they're already planning the next rule tweak to make things interesting because that's the only way to generate interest - the actual racing is stale .

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  7. As an aside an interesting fact generated from the 'super' commentary team was that Verstappen had equalled some pole position record or other set by Jim Clarke . How the hell they think comparing today's racing with the legendary drivers of the past is just pathetic . No mention of today's drivers having a 23 race season yet back in the '60s it was around 10 races for the year - that's 10 opportunities for pole position with crap tyres , hand change , pit stops , lethal circuits and virtually no safety equipment so who are the real heroes then ..?

    Rant over , F1 is just a money machine ...

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  8. Just wait till Graham Hill hits his stride...
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  9. Lazy Andy

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    Was wondering whether we’d bother with this years thread!!

    I was optimistic after the practice sessions and a relatively close quali…. They the lights went out and Verstappen was 1.2 seconds clear on the first lap. Even the DRS activation on Lap 2 didn’t help!!

    I’m going to stay optimistic, I’m hopeful that there will be a closer gap, but what is evident is that Ferrari, Merc and Mclaren are going to be quite close throughout the season and with the undercurrent of Hamilton’s move to Ferrari I think there will be some sparks. Rus v Ham, Ham v Lec, Sainz vs Everyone… Norris vs Piastri might even get a bit tasty.

    Ignore the Red Bulls. Watch the real racing behind
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  10. They just need to ban Adrian Newey.
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  11. This one's s interesting

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  12. ok so some f1 sites reporting that Jos relationship with Horner is not good and he wants him to go - could be an interesting development.. also reading that Jos has met with Toto (remember there is an empty seat at Mercedes next year?)

  13. Like I said , it's all hype and action off the track ...

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  14. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift

    Jos never had a good relationship with anyone.
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  15. matty

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  16. Zed

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    ... then watch a rookie driver come 7th because he was shoe-horned into a fast car. Not much about driving is it? The qualifying is more fun than the race.
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  17. exactly my thoughts - recorded the highlights but couldn't be bothered watching them -
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  18. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift

    OliverBearman, not a bad showing for a last minute replacement and only 19 years old.
    Jeez, he looks like he's just out of nappies.
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  19. This is why I watch (and work in) WEC / GT
  20. Flakey

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    What do you do in WEC ?

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