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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Terrordales, Feb 2, 2016.

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  1. Yeah but it's always about Niki.
  2. Terrordales

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    In Autosport magazine


    think I might apply.:D
  3. Terrordales

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    Some of the drivers are having fun.
  4. From the BBC Sport website a few minutes ago
    Massa to stay on at Williams - Bottas to Mercedes

    Valtteri Bottas' move to Mercedes as Lewis Hamilton's team-mate and Felipe Massa's return to replace him at Williams are close to completion.

    Massa, 35, has agreed with Williams to postpone his retirement for at least a year after Mercedes made a pitch for Bottas, 27, to replace Nico Rosberg.

    Rosberg announced his retirement after winning the world title last month.

    The deal for Bottas to leave Williams for Mercedes is also lined up and is set to be completed in the new year.

    Although the deals are not yet finalised, they are as good as done and both will happen over the coming fortnight, BBC Sport has learned.

    All the building blocks are now in place - Williams will let Bottas go once a suitable deal with Mercedes for compensation is agreed and Massa has agreed to come back to F1 after announcing his retirement in September.

    Now, only the finishing touches need to be put in place, which is expected to happen following the Christmas period.
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    Free engines & Mercedes pays Massa's salary. ;)
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    This years Xmas card from Felipe Massa

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  7. He didn't send one to me - how come you got one?
  8. Terrordales

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    Cos I'm a really nice guy. :rolleyes:
  9. ...and I'm not...
  10. Terrordales

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    You said it, not me. :p

    He's a close personal friend of mine.*

    *on Twitter.
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