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  1. Brings back memories Geoff! Haven't read that for a while. A long long while

    Your link above didn't work for me, but I still seem to have a copy of it saved, so have attached here in case the link also doesn't work for others. View attachment TartanRed4309conversionR521708_210111_185432.pdf

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  2. Yes, it was a long time ago Jim, but the car looks pretty much the same today. Bonnet louvres, front fog lights, power steering, 3948cc V8 (with a few mods) and 205/55x15 tyres on 6” rims are about the only obvious differences. Thanks for posting the PDF, I wondered if the link would work. Did you notice the last sentence? The Westy was the next project.:)
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  3. Thanks, it's a good article; I remember reading it before so it's nice to read it again. Interesting that you had issues with the bodyshell. It's great that new shells even exist, but it's not surprising that there were difficulties with the tooling and the jigs. A good friend built a V8 GT from a new shell and being the perfectionist he is, sold it to a dealer before he finished it as he was unhappy with the fit of the panels. I lent him two or three bonnets before he decided that the shell wasn't straight. I did warn him as I had already found that a late rubber bumper shell, a genuine RV8 and a set of replacement chassis rails that I measured were all distorted with the nearside rail 1/4" higher than the offside. On my car I shimmed the crossmember to get the corner weights and camber how I wanted them.
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  4. I’m seriously impressed by your fabrication skills. I had a Ford Popular with almost identical rust problems. The pillars were like yours but 2/3 scale. I guess Ford kept a lot of design features going for nearly 50 years.
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  5. Thank you. I am very slow though!
    Yes, Ford did seem to hang onto design features for a long time, perhaps too long in some instances!
  6. I also at one time had a 34 Model B, which was the same but that was seriously far too gone for my skills.

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