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  1. Hi everybody. I trying to gauge interest in selling my 1973 camper as it doesn’t get used as much as it should and now it’s done, I would rather let someone else enjoy it. Bought as a Devon and fully restored from the ground up although the Devon parts are long gone. Loads and loads of restoration photos capturing everything carried out. I can share these but too numerous to put on this post in one go, but more than happy to share with anyone interested. Has a 1600 twin port rebuilt engine and rust free. No plating over bad bits and mechanically sound. It’s had virtually everything replaced except the glass. Looking for around 25K but in no rush to sell. I’ve kept the description brief but will list everything out if anyone is curious. 2DE956FC-51C1-44C7-82A2-7B0CA1173C23.jpeg
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  2. For completeness, I’m located in Lincolnshire. Currently SORN and tax exempt. Contact me on 07766498308.

    Thanks for looking. Ben
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    I’d be inclined to put a few more pictures up Ben. You’re not giving us much to go on :thumbsup:
  4. More pics coming up this morning. I’ll try to put on a variety across the resto.
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  5. 20190527_110927.jpg 20190527_110950.jpg 20190527_110943.jpg 20190530_172319.jpg 20190714_200717.jpg 20190714_200922.jpg IMG_0655.JPG IMG_0661.JPG IMG_0644.JPG July 2015 (19).JPG 20190527_110927.jpg 20190527_110950.jpg 20190527_110943.jpg 20190530_172319.jpg 20190714_200717.jpg IMG_0655.JPG IMG_0661.JPG IMG_0644.JPG
    July 2015 (19).JPG July 2015 (19).JPG

    Any comments greatly received.......
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  6. those seats look comfortable. good look with the sale.:cool:
  7. Hi, very interested. I'll pm you with my details. Cheers, John
  8. Bought the bus in 2013. 45k on the clocks. First registered in 1973 and had 13 former keepers. It was in drivable condition but tatty. The Devon fitments we’re past their best and had to be disposed of. This included the concertina roof sides and interior chairs, units, shelf etc. There wasn’t anything worth saving apart from the sink and cooker tops. I haven’t fitted these but kept in case I wanted to at some point.

    Following a total strip down, I had the body gently media blasted clean of all filler, rust and paint then coated in acid etch primer then stored in my garage to start the work. Steam cleaning was carried out on the engine, gearbox and running gear.

    The front suspension and beam was stripped and rebuilt and a lowering kit fitted. Brakes, bearings and bushes replaced. All metal repainted in Por15.

    Rear spring plates were replaced with adjustable items with new brakes, bearings and bushes. New shocks fitted all round. A new servo was included at this stage. Drag links and steering parts were replaced with new items.
    I later found I’d gone too low and had to lift everything up. It currently sits at a drivable level that a slender person can just squeeze beneath.

    The engine was checked for compression and end float and was well within specified tolerances. New clutch, gaskets, push rod tubes, oil pump, tinware, standard exhaust, heater boxes, cables, alternator and flamethrower ignition fitted. A good clean and carb service carried out and everything ok. Fuel tank cleaned out and resin liner applied.

    The gearbox was good and required a basic clean and general service. Gear linkages replaced and scart gear lever fitted. Drive shafts checked for serviceability.

    The usual chassis/body areas required attention. This included new jacking points, chassis rails, battery trays, wheel arches, cab floors, cargo floor, rear firewall, front clip, inner, middle and outer cills, door post lowers, engine bay, deformation panel, heater tube and Y piece and door cills. As you can imagine, this took the most time. Luckily I had the benefit of access to a local steel fabricator that used a series of preformed panels and sections plus a few that had to be specially made to suite some of the more abstract areas. Anything that was suspect was chopped out and replaced properly. No plating over rust or bad welding covered over in under seal here!!!! I can declare, no newspaper scrunched into bodywork has been used in the making of this production. No persons hurt or maimed although I have crushed my figures and nearly broken my nose a few times on stubborn bolts...

    I managed to get Peter Good to produce probably his last wiring loom before he retired. Not sure whose going to provide this service to subsequent restos? His quality and attention to detail is second to none...

    The bare chassis underside was coated entirely in Por15. The rest of the body was seam sealed and painted in Ford Focus ST grey paint. Originally, this was an jaffa and white bus.

    I refitted the original glass into new seals and tinted the rears for no other reason than I thought it looked good. I noticed the glass had scratches on the inside from possibly a previous owner locking their dog in on a hot day. No dead dogs were discovered inside.

    The original seats didn’t have head rests and needed a refurbish so I fitted a pair of adjustable brown leather Saab 9000 seats with seat belts. I’m 6ft tall and leg clearance under the new steering wheel is no problem. The dash was rebuilt and exposed metal heater parts, steering column etc powder coated. I then fitted VDO oil pressure and oil temperature gauges. Wiper motor was checked and working fine. Washer system upgraded to a 12v pump arrangement. Butty provided a new accelerator linkage and the master cylinder and pipe work replaced with new.
    In the rear, I fitted a rusty lee (not the ferrous oxide type) full width rock and roll bed and seat belts for 3. Seat/bed cushions were bought to match the grey body.

    Beneath the rear seat is a 240v twin socket outlet connected through to the engine bay for hook up. I’ve fitted a split charge system to include a leisure battery. At this stage it doesn’t actually power anything but can be coupled up into an internal fused control panel in the rear. A fire suppression system is fitted in the engine bay.

    Wheels (including spare) are 17 inch Fuchs copies on New load rated new tyres.

    The pop top roof was stripped back and refurbished with new internal insulation, a new top vinyl covering fitted and stripy sides. The internal pull out bunk beds were refurbished with matching stripped vinyl.

    I’ve left the internal panels bare as i couldn’t decide on a finish. Speakers and a new Bluetooth stereo are in place. Insulation has been fitted behind and beneath the cargo floor finish. Sound deadening is applied to areas prone to vibrate and cause incessant drumming.

    New window winder mech and handles were fitted and have become the only problem I encountered. They still need some attention to operate smoothly and are currently on the ‘rainy weekend to do list’. Truck mirrors replaced the originals. Bumpers were powder coated with there distortions left untreated.

    Describing all the work carried out and time spent meticulously replacing, refurbishing and sourcing everything makes it sound easy and straightforward. I estimate circa 500hrs and lots of money. i have receipts for 99.9% of everything spent.

    It was sent for a MOT in November 2018 and sailed through. It is MOT exempt but I thought it would be sensible to have it double checked over due to the extent of the work carried out although I am mechanically minded. It is kept inside to avoid the bad weather. Waxoyle was sent into all cavities prone to holding water and the underside lavishly coated.

    It has been used for camping last year and I think it’s great, but to be honest, I enjoyed the restoration process more than actually using it. The journey verses destination conundrum. I’ve learnt loads and now posses a plethora of knowledge on raising the dead. For those of you that own a bus, you must also have an understanding wife and family........

    Wanting a bus without the restoration headaches and surprises, this is ideal. It will always require fettling, servicing and the usual adjustments, but that’s part of the pleasure of owning and driving vintage vehicles. If you see a seemingly reasonable bargain elsewhere, add on the time and cost to get to an acceptable standard and as is usual with these things, it escalates and spirals only one way!
  9. Great write up and lovely bus. I’m in the same position as you (spent 10 years restoring my bus and don’t use it enough, so now booked into the for sale area at the Volksworld show!)
    Looks like you’ve done a proper job on the resto paying attention to detail in the areas where it matters. I think your asking price is about right. Good luck with the sale
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  10. Cheers VWbusman. Appreciate feedback.
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    Great write up :). Good luck selling it.
  12. Very very nice indeed!
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  14. Don't reduce price
    Think there maybe a few up for sale if people have no or little income
    Could be sad times ahead
    Good looking camper
  15. Hi there. Is this bus still for sale?
  16. It’s very pretty, and well done.:thumbsup:
    Good luck with the sale.

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