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  1. Hi all,
    we've got a family of five and the camper we stayed in on our holiday had the solid bed in the roof. For my kids this is probably the best option, they wouldn't do well in the hammocks. My first question was what bays have a solid beds but thats been answered in another thread. The next question is how easy is to put one in? I'm looking at a van at the moment and it has a Viking interior, is it possible to take the bunks out and put a bed in?
  2. Hi
    There is a thread on this
    Basically its a simple job to fit your own on a Devon , so I assume its the same on other conversions.
    A couple of guys on TLB did them DIY for about £100 and a few hours work.
    I got a local chap who fits out campers to do mine in lightweight ply that folds up for £340, because I didn't have the time.
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  3. Get an Aussie import with a sopru poptop.

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