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Discussion in 'Internal' started by popester63, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. Just got a full set of cushions from

    They have a lot of info on various sizes for the common RnR bed suppliers. Mine are a perfect fit and the rear hatch cushion is correctly trimmed and slots in just right. Plenty of options to choose from.

    Helpful on the phone and delivery very quick. Top marks :thumbsup:
  2. do you mind me asking how much you paid for a full set of cusions?
  3. I forked out £212 for a full width set delivered. They are 3" firm (gray) foam with a 1" memory foam topper, a 'knee roll' and stockinette covering.

    The guy was very helpful and has other grades of foam to suit all tastes. My back is still recovering from sleeping on my 78 vintage original 3/4 width cushions so I thought I would push the boat out.
  4. seams reasonable, mind you you still have to cover them dont ya! cheers buddy something to think about:)
  5. Yep, went to see the trimmer yesterday to discuss that - want to get front seats re-trimmed to match. Just waiting for him to ring me back with the damage - I think I will need to be sitting down.
  6. Foam is surprisingly expensive, well that's what it seems I think the perception of paying less than £200 for a full width RnR bed from Rustylee and then the foam being more expensive just doesn't work out in my brain! Due to my budget I raided an old caravan & with some random bits of cushion from the original interior I managed to make a set up for nothing I was surprised how comfy it was :)

    popester63 I hope your trimmer is kind to you :thumbsup:
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  7. This is something I've also got to buy, I had it in my head that foam would be about £100.
  8. Give the guys a call - I went for an expensive option with Memory Foam topper etc cos my back is a bit iffy. They have a range of grades/thicknesses that they can supply.
  9. Hi Robo, yes waiting to hear back from trimmer - he seems a nice bloke. Will know when I see his quote whether he is

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