Flu Jabs. Have you had yours?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zebedee, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. Just popped into Asda to get my flu jab and they couldn't do it as they're only trained to administer NHS ones not the jab for those who pay. Surely they're both the same jab? :confused:
    My local doctors don't have enough jabs available to those who have to pay.

    My 75 year old mother in law just told us she isn't having hers on the NHS this year as her daughter in law has persuaded her its not a good idea as it does more harm than good.
    She's an antivaxer though and believes in natural everything which is why neither of her kids ever had any of their inoculations growing up. :rolleyes:
  2. The NHS ones probably hurt more !
    Can't understand why parents don't get their kids immunised...but must admit a bit suspect about the flu jab...seems there are lots of variations in the flu and the jab is a bit of a lottery as to it's effectiveness.
    Won't be visiting a doctor's surgery any time soon ( hopefully).
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  3. Think there are two different flu injections available, over 65s are different and only available at a NHS clinics.
  4. Had mine yesterday, free from work.

    My sister spent seven weeks in a coma on a ventilator after contracting Swine flu several years back. She was very fortunate to get the last high dependency bed in London. NHS did an excellent job, and she is fine now. As a result I encourage everyone to get the flu vaccination. Even if you don't feel too bad with the flu, you could pass it on to someone who will get it a lot worse.
  5. Her daughter needs educating. Crazy. And flu can kill a 75 year old.
  6. Off for mine this afternoon. Fair enough it's a bit of a lottery if they get the strain right, but if I don't get it I've definitely got no protection against new strains.
    No brainer I'd say.
    If the anti-vaxers had even a basic understanding of statistics and the potential risks from contracting the diseases, they'd soon shut up.
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  7. They are crazy people.
  8. My drs say there’s a national shortage and will only do mine in the next round if they can get some
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  9. Good excuse to leave " my dose " for a more deserving person.
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  10. I always have mine. Don’t like to miss out on a freebie :lol: Also had the one for shingles this year.
  11. Wow. Last time I had flu it knocked me out for nearly 2 weeks.
    Sounds like your sister was very lucky (or unlucky depending on how you look at it).

    They wouldn't believe it even if they had all the facts.

    My sister in law believes that healthy living and meditation is a cure for anything. She's just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes though so I bet she'll be trying to find a natural cure instead of daily insulin jabs.
    My mother in law has got all sorts of health complaints, so not 100% well at the best of times. She was a nurse for all her life some of it working with polio and TB patients and was a big advocate for inoculations. After spending the weekend with he daughter in law it sounds like her ideas have changed.
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  12. [​IMG]Just had mine, it protects against four strains, not just one.
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  13. I bet you go for the finger up the bum as well
  14. Only on Wednesday afternoons.
  15. @Zebedee sounds like your sister in law is a bit of a know all, I have had type 1 diabetes for 23 years and as said, Insulin injections are the only option, healthy living and meditation will not provide the Insulin needed to stay alive. She will soon find this out.

    My type 1 came on soon after getting chicken pox in middle age, sadly I wasn't inoculated in childhood.
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  16. I’ve never had one and only ever had flu once after a holiday surrounded by the flue jab gang :D. I prefer to let nature take its course . Your only dead once after all , and you can have nine lives if you’ve got any cat in ya jeans :thinking:.
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  17. I've had man flu ... does that count?
  18. I can never understand the anti vax position. Benefits vs risk statistically are surely beyond doubt by now. Had my freebie as I'm in an at risk group. Hurrah!
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  19. You got a bit a pussy in ya jeans by sounds maaaan :D
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  20. Had mine three weeks ago, as an asthmatic and of course of a certain age I get one every year without fail.
    I am young enough to remember the flu epidemic in the 60s and the deaths it caused then
    Recommend anyone to have the jab, as they say "just a little prick"
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