floor I sections. Part Number: 211-801-381

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  1. Can fully recommend the Autocraft 'I' sections. Part Number: 211-801-381
    These are advertised advertised as Split and prototype parts and when I spoke to the fella he said they didn't know if they would fit late bays as no-one had tried.
    They fit Lates perfectly and have all the reinforced holes which all the other suppliers parts didn't have. Made fom top quality splitty thickness steel, we recommend these completely.

  2. Nigel at autocraft is a top bloke, always go there first for bits like that, he's looking to expand the amount of bay panels they sell which will be a good thing
  3. Yeah I agree. The quality of manufacture and the thickness of the steel are superior to other suppliers. I've just emailed autocraft to let them know it's a perfect fit, so hopefully they will start to advertise the I section for lates as well.
  4. I had jacking points and outriggers to which were superb, in build and fit and just a couple quid more than the other suppliers
  5. We got the combined jacking point/outriggers and they are the best by far. With the quality of the parts they make, I just wish they would manufacture more late bay panels.
  6. Any chance we could get a latebay discount set up?
    The outriggers look real good compared to the efforts some other companies i won't mention sell. :)
  7. Perfect fit! Ignore the info that says for earlies and splitties only! The holes are even reinforced like the original vw sections. Top quality :)

  8. Whoa, is that Wilma?
    I didn't think she was that rusty. :eek:

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