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  1. First off here is a link to an identical item

    It's the smaller version but prior to purchasing I measured the overhead locker and determined that this was an adequate size taking into account the depth it would fall to when the screen was flipped down during operation.

    It came with dual headphones, which are kids size rather than adults, they are WiFi and work well (though there are better out there in the market place)

    It also comes with a 32bit games disc, these are the older arcade style games and are great, I like them more than the kids I think, with this there is a small Wifi joypad, its based on the Sony PS1 pad and serves its purpose (though I would prefer a slightly larger one)

    The DVD player itself plays both normal "store purchased" DVD's and copies (oops, I mean back ups) it plays "back ups" of various formats, and can also be used to show digital pictures and videos, you can even link a camcorder and play back through this item.
    Here is the player being installed (I had to remove the overhead locker
    Here it is powered up
    I have since added a freeview TV system that also works a treat with this as can be seen.

    One final added bonus is the inclusion of the 2 lights, these can also be used as a night light
    Overall for the price I am very impressed

    Cost £89 (now £91) - 9.5/10
    Quality - Very good 9 / 10
    Fitment - Easy 9.5 / 10

    Overall 9/10
  2. I thought bought these sort of things before but worried about leaving such an "attractive" item on view for any tealeaf. Sort of open invitation having it strapped to the ceiling.
  3. I've been looking for a DVD player to put under my headbanger as well. (American for overhead cabinet ;) ) But I want one that will face down so I can watch it lying on my back. Wouldn't that be great? If I'm having trouble sleeping I could just pop in Alice in Wonderland or something and nod right off.
    Brilliant idea to put your speakers under the headbanger! I love quality sound but my bus is too original to cut holes under the bench seat like others do. The headbanger is a descent compromise. Still cutting holes, but they're barely noticeable.
  4. Birdy

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    If your worried about leaving it on show, use velcro. I have my little 9" unit stuck to the roof in 2 positions: day and night. In the photo you can see the velcro strips for night mode. And in the top of the cupboard you can see a 12v socket for charging the tv.

    Day mode:

    Screen has a rotation button. Quite handy.
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    i have the same as dubious. lost my thread but all about the same. a good piece of kit :)
  8. padge has the best solution for TV stuff
  9. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

  10. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    One thing I considered when I looked at having one fitted was to use a cloth held up with velcro to cover it up and look like a headlining.
  11. Hi - This looks really good! How easy is it to fit freeview?
  15. Nice job. i am looking for a flip down FREEVIEW tv and dvd. how and where did you sort the free view side of it out.

    defo a winter job for me
  16. Freeview was £15 off ebay, it just plugs into the dvd player, comes with a 4M lead / antenna that has a mag base and goes outside on the roof. Sorry for late reply, was not tracking post updates.
    As for watching angle Matt, it has a lot of movement, up to about 20 degrees from horizontal.
  17. Hi you got the link for the freeview kit on ebay?? thanks
  18. I have the very same one dubious. It works a treat on freeview and plays DVDs and divx files through USB stick. You can also transmit the audio via FM and tune your car stereo into it as well. I mounted mine where the centre light should be and now I use the DVD players lights instead

    Not the best picture but look to the top on the headliner
  19. ^ how have you got that fixed to the headliner?
  20. Just to add a note mine had the freeview built into it and I bought it off eBay search for 12v flip down TV freeview

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