Flasher relay clicking when ignition on

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  1. Hi,

    I have a new problem that (coincidentally or not) has occurred after I recently had the dash off to fit a clock dial blank plate. So no wiring involved, but it is possible I may have knocked something in the process. Not that I can see where.

    With the key in ignition position or engine running the indicator/hazard flasher relay is clicking constantly and really fast. No lights flash, just a constant clicking from the relay.

    - The indicators still work, front and back.
    - The hazards still work, front and back.
    - The indicator light on the dash comes on and blinks with the hazards or indicators, but not otherwise.
    - Switching the hazard or indicator stalk changes the clicking from fast to normal (and operates the lights as expected).

    I have read a few similar postings on here, and checked the following:
    - All the fuses are good
    - All the indicator bulbs are good. Well they light up.
    - I have swapped the relay for a spare. That one behaved a little differently, only in that the clicking speed is consistent when the hazards or indicators are on or off, but otherwise the same behaviour of clicking without lights when the ignition on.

    A bad ground connection somewhere seems to be the common diagnosis. Not sure how I go about hunting that down though.

    Any offers of advice?
    Thanks in advance.
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    I'm no expert but it sounds like an earth is not contacting properly or has come off
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  3. I had a funny issue like this after installing a stereo. It turned out I had knocked a wire to the relay and it was getting trapped by the hand brake... can’t remember if it was hand brake on or off
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