Fitting Westfalia Jalousie window

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Youngdub, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. I have removed my two louvre windows to make some small paint repairs under the seal.
    I have ordered new outer seals from Heritage parts and wondered if there was a good technique to (re) fitting?

    Should I use a lubricant to help seat the windows and new seals? Any other tips appreciated ;)

    Also, I have used combi color as the colour coat - do I need to leave it a couple of weeks to cure before I refit?
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    Recently done mine...changed all seals and rubbers on the louvre windows.

    Getting them back in I did have a 10 min spot of bother.....they just push in but the last corner kept popping out the other corner. ( pushing top then bottom)
    I started from the other corner bottom, top, top, bottom... pushed all the way round in it went.
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  3. Thanks - glad it worked out.
    Did you use any lubricant such as fairy or silicone spray to help?
    I test tried my windows with the old seals on and it didn't feel I withdrew and sought help...
  4. Lots of salt in washing up liquid and if you ever want to paint the bus, you’ll wish you’d left the silicone in the bathroom. The window will just push in but a little water will make it easier.
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