Fitting solar from scratch

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by 1973daisey, Jun 22, 2017.

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    Ah okay. It’s going on the Devon pop top at the back behind the vent, hopefully straight down-ish, through the headbanger, and into the wardrobe below to the controller. From the controller down into the engine bay and across to the other side for the leisure battery.
    (Pretty much exactly the same as Simon's set-up I reckon)
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  2. Just fitted my 100w rigid panel from Photonic universe and it’s awesome - just come back from 2 nights away had the 50w coolbkx running 12 hours a day and battery came back fully charged ! Highly recommended !!
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  3. I go away on Wednesday for 19 days all over Europe now got 220 watts on roof and I will be running both my fridges 24hrs a day charging ect for the whole trip will pop a thread up of the trip as I did last year 6 busses this year

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    Off tomorrow for a four day music festival, so that'll be my first chance to properly test out the 100w flexi that we started the wiring for at techenders and that I finished off on my own
    Thankfully the fridge can run on gas, so if it all goes horribly wrong, I'll still have a cool beer :rolleyes:
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    I’ve decided not to fit a permanent mounted panel and use a portable unit between 60 and 100 watts for the very occasional use I need - just need to find one that’s not overpriced ;)
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  6. I’ll sort u a 60 when I get back mate if u like may have 2/3 more but not got time to fit new controller and test em all

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    I found some brummie lad on eBay selling them last night - made an offer and even chucked in a crate of carling and the offer was declined straight away :):)
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    A bare 60w would be fine - I’ll chuck a controller on it myself mate :thumbsup:
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  9. It will be fine stop worrying :thumbsup:
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  10. That’s me u clown

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  11. See what I got mate

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    I know :):):):) who else would I offer
    A crate of carling to :thumbsup:
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  13. A whole crate I think you’ve gone over the top there @Dazza
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  14. Hi @theBusmonkey I've finally got my MPPT controller in the bus, a couple of questions, I have just wired in the connections to the leisure battery and the solar panel. My leisure electrics come off the battery so assuming that is an OK way to do things and I dont need to use the load connections. The leisure battery is also connected to the main battery with a Durite VSRT.

    The MPPT controller has a load of buttons ... I scrolled through and it had 5 modes ... what is the easiest way to use this to maximum effect? Any advice would be great. Hope you got your bus wiring sorted ... my CFX35 turned up today (didn't have the same gap as the 28 had) should ensure I have a few cool beers in the bus whenever I am out.
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  15. Correct, the load output is designed more for a light to come on at a certain time that you set, as an example.

    How you have it wired is correct.

    As for the festival nations you'll have to wait for @theBusmonkey but I think you can set it for float voltage and stuff like that
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  16. Cheers what does float voltage mean ... struggling;ing to understand this solar thing?!
  17. The photos of my install

    37917077_1864806186910155_4629172161729265664_n.jpg 38194131_1870376896353084_2938076604800172032_n.jpg 38283026_1870376859686421_1697616829112909824_n.jpg
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  18. Float voltage is the target voltage you want to see on your battery when the solar charger stops charging to 100% and instead starts maintaining the voltage . It is lower than the charging voltage to avoid drying out the batteries by constant fast charge but high enough to stop the battery losing charge.

    13.8 volts is typical for normal wet cell batteries.
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    That looks lovely and neat:thumbsup:
    For now, just plug and play. Leave the settings as they are out of the box. Its safer for the battery. I'll have a look later if I can and see what mine is set to but on this one on the syncro I suspect I left as it was.
    Still battling the heat and engine set up so apologies for no fridge pics as well.
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  20. I can't stand wiring that is all over the place, its my naval shipbuilding background that says it has to be done this way.

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