Fitting new steering pin

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  1. Guess I'm being fick again, but I thought there wAs an exploded view of which bits go in which order but i can't flippin find it on here or in bentley or ratwell.

    Also isn't thee something about which way the holes in the bushes are aligned?
  2. From the samba:
    Steering pin assembly.jpg
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  3. The main thing to do is remember to take out the grease nipple first or you will be trying to chop it off with the bushings.

    I found using a split section of childs swing leg wrapped round the old centre pin made a great tool for driving the bushings in ..

    And you may need to jack the bus front end up on the pin against the wavy washer, before you can get the clamp bolt in on the steering arm.

    You can also cross the bolt thread on the fine pitched thread on the clamp...Buttys Bits do the bolts...mine came with a specially subtly bent clamp bolt courtesy of a PO.

    Spent ages yellow snowing with it with torches and mirrors... like hours.. bought a straight bolt and it popped straight in.
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  4. Yes !
    Think it was the samba thread id been thinking of, but had forgotten about the samba!!!

  5. Installed now, apart from the lever arm on top.
    I bought a cheap 6" g cramp to compress the spring for fitting it, it even looks cheap, as I tightened it up there were a couple of minor crack noises and sort of puffs of smoke, I think the clamp was about to give up so loosened off and gave up.
    I assume a decent g clamp is capable of the job......?
  6. There's a communal fitting tool I sent to someone . Brilliant bit of kit , I'll see if I can find the pm ...

    Back soon ..

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  7. PM @Westiesam , I sent it to him a few months ago ...

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  8. A decent G-Clamp will do it but just stick a jack under the pin – before you fit the end cap obviously.
  9. Beams off though,..
  10. Ah no I've fitted the bushes etc, just need to fit the lever arm on top, so have to compress the spring washer.
    Thanks for the offer though:thumbsup:
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  11. Then use a G-Clamp, or wait until the beam is back on. :)
  12. Then use a better G-Clamp, or waituntil the beam is back on. :)

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  13. I found on mine that the bus was definitely at the point of the wheels losing touch with the ground as the wavy washer compressed enough.. i would wait and use the weight of the bus rather than shooting out a neighbours house window with a whirring lump of cast iron..

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