Fitting an aftermarket full width adjustable front suspension beam

Discussion in 'How To' started by mikedjames, Apr 18, 2024.

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    Yes, it was fairly involved.
    @Zed's comment about the correct angle of the arms was helpful.
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    Thanks. :)
    My instructions would be...
    Take everything off the ends old beam while the van holds the beam still for you. It's surprising how out of balance even the arms make it when it's balanced on a jack. Reverse for installation but even more so - who cares if the old rusty one crashes to the concrete floor but your new one? Idler pin whenever.
    Disconnect everything that passes through the beam, reconnect after.
    Common sense really? It's a fairly big thing to do, but nothing too complicated. I've done half a dozen or so, but not aftermarket ones. Your spacer thing would have bugged me, stock beams can be tight on the chassis but IME never loose.
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