Fitting a recon engine 1600tp

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by volkswombat, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. The definitive guide for numpties for how to stick the bits on your new engine.

    Plan is...
    I'm going to buy a new solex carb so everything is tip top. It's a 5 week wait I think for delivery so while I wait I'll bolt the stuff on to engine, fix my fuel gauge sender in the tank and other little jobs.

    First questions

    My current clutch has been fine although I don't know how old it is. can I transfer it to the new engine or put a new one on?

    I read something about not reusing the oil cooler due to silvery sheen in the oil. My oil was indeed silvery sheen, so a new oil cooler for me ?
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  2. I won't be going overboard with pimping it , but want everything to be spot on mechanically.

    Will be getting a new exhaust and probably new dizzy too.

    stock exhaust, will painting it with vht(?) Paint really make it last longer or is it a waste of time?
  3. I wouldn't put your old clutch on, even if it's got a bit of life in it. Get a new set.

    Take your old oil cooler off and give it a good flush through in a parts washer (or send it to me and I'll do it for ya). Should be fine if it hasn't gone pop.

    Refurb your old Solex. I wouldn't trust a "new" one.
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  4. PS Clean your old dissy up (take it to pieces), then stick an electronic ignition module in it.
  5. PPS Buy an Elring gasket set from GSF. Also, avoid drink and loose women.
  6. Ah I meant a refurbed solex from riverhaus, just so I know it's cock on, mine has metal bushes I couldn't get out,

    Oil cooler has a wee ding in corner I'll post a pic as may be ok, wasn't leaking. @mikedjames seemed happy with condition though.
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  7. My dizzy is a 009, may splash on a 123 or at least one of those accuspark jobbies?
  8. Go on, pimp it :)
  9. Chrome won't get you home!
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  10. Too late, you've met @MrsVolkswombat ?:easter:
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  11. How RUDE!!!! :mad:
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  12. Although I was happy with the exterior of your oil cooler, and the fact the seepage seemed to be from the rubber seals, if you have had shiny oil running round the inside of the engine it will reduce wear on the new engine's bearings if you get rid of everything from the oil circuit of the old engine.

    Its only another £45. And another £45 when you break one by dropping the fan housing on it... .

    Get another clutch - make sure you check the size of the flywheel on the new engine.

    If it was originally an AD it will match your engine with a 200 mm clutch flywheel, but if it was originally an AS (later) it may have a 215 mm clutch flywheel.
    GSF over at Romsey had both sizes made bu LuK in stock when I made the mistake of buying the wrong one then the right one.

    Also remember the 215mm clutch will require 6 off M7x20mm bolts (eBay) , the 200mm clutch uses 6 off M8x20mm bolts. you will need a set of the correct ones.

    Check the gearbox driveshaft bearing for leak as well, change the starter motor bush.
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  13. Slap him. Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen :thumbsup:
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  14. Is that Paw Wee Ding, the well-known Chinese engine restorer?
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  15. you won the lottery?
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  16. davidoft

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    Put a new oil cooler on, have a look at the clutch plate, if you have over 2mm above the rivets it will last a very very very very long time, if not I gots a new one I can flog ya cheap :)
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  17. No! It's a trick.
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  18. Painting a brand new stock exhaust......yay or nay?

    Painting tinware, yes painting not powder coating, normal regular rattle can paint?
  19. I used satin rustoleum black.. tinware doesn't get that hot.. does scratch when your putting it together though

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  20. ita prob burn off again :oops:

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