First Euro Trip - Ninove, Belgium 2014

Discussion in 'Europe' started by asvw88, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. Well I have just returned from my first euro trip of this year - Lincoln to Ninove, Belgium and back just over 700 miles. I went down for the Freddyfiles 2014 VW show in the town on March 16th but made a 4 day trip of it. The camper went great never had any problems what so ever apart from my tail pipe bracket rusting off - no biggy! - having only owned her 4 weeks I thought this would be the tester trip - I am deffo going to Europe later in the year!

    the show itself featured over 1000 aircooled motors from all over Europe - some of the best aircooled I have ever seen - comments welcome !

    here I am in Lincoln ready to do the first 200 mile stint to folkstone, dover

    on the shuttle

    as I say the tail pipe fell off so a bit of home made fix her up !


    at Calais services meeting up with 100 other air cooled motors


    on the road to Belgium

    welcome to Ninove


    helped a load of buses get towed in to town !

    Saturday night in the camper after a few to many local beers !
  2. jumped another late bay of the same colour ! he was from Germany
    few from the show on the sunday
    found some sage green wheel trims in the auto jumble 10 Euros - Bargin!
    then back home Monday afternoon :)
  3. Cracking pics, Was a good show I forgot to take any pics as the Witkap had full hold of me most of the weekend!! got about 13 pictures 10 were of people drunk. 3 of the bus broken down!!
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  4. Great pictures...:cool:
  5. Cheers for sharing your pics, I'm very tempted by Ninove, looks like it's a great show!
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  6. Great pics :cool:

    I'm tempted too mark :cool:
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  7. Road Trip :lol:
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  8. Next march it is, Notts invades ninove! :thumbsup:
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  9. Great pics,what you doing with your original hub caps ;)
  10. glad you popped your cherry.we was in the green panel van
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  11. Great pics , oostende (Belgium) is also a great place to go in summer, amazing beaches!
  12. If your going to only do one European trip next year make it EBI the dates are out ready. It's the one!!
  13. Sounds like a plan to me Shaun!
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  14. Great trip! :thumbsup:
  15. great pics , did the weld go on tp , if you still have the bracket off end of silencer , you can put jubilee round tp n bracket . Glad you got a fix and had a good trip :thumbsup:
  16. selling lol u can have them if u want !
  17. yeah the bracket with the 2 bolts broke off needs new one welding on really - the wire holds for now!
  18. A group of friends went this year and had a good time too! I was a tad envious! Your photos are great!

    I'd have liked to go, but think I'll stick with the alternate year EBI theory warmer weather in June/July!! ;)
  19. Looks like a great trip. My mate Mark was over there in his low light ghia.. came away with an award which was well deserved.

    The black/cream split is mark pindar - epic build thread on ssvc - that bus had more rust and holes than metal when he got it. Looks fab now.

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