Firetec fire extinguisher

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  1. Yep - with the fuel pump outputting over 3bar of fuel pressure better safe than sorry!
  2. im running that already being fuel injection. im just not sure on the reasoning for keeping it as the forester didn't have one, neither does nay other car?
  3. hmm good point
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  4. @Pickles any chnace you can do me some pics of the coolant pipe runs and also the lengths of them? would be really handy, also of your heater.
  5. the reasoning fr keeping it is - if you remove it you are bound to end up having a fire!
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  6. cheers mr optimistic!! lol
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  7. I'm usually very optimistic. This is more sods law.

    Leave it in - no fire

    Remove it - asking for trouble (tempting fate)
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  8. Keep it!
    I managed to melt the cam covers on my scoob engine with the exhaust....melted onto the exhaust and caught fire.
    The Firetec did its job...trashed the engine bay, but help save the bus ;)
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  9. What exhaust do you have?

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  10. I have an after market performance stainless manifold (normal wrx jobby) and custom system.
    I used to have the cast wrx manifold that had its heat shields attached to it and never had a problem, but the un-shielded performance one got a tad too hot doing mountain passes in Switzerland! I had wrapped a small section but that wasn't enough.
    The power gains were nice though :thumbsup:
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  11. Some pics would be good if possible. Are you standard height or lowered?

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  12. Mildly lowered with commercial torsion bars (made a big difference to the ride).
    you might be able to make it out from these...




  13. cool thanks, so its a standard aftermarket turbo stainless manifold mounted in reverse with a couple of back boxes on?
  14. sure is mate
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