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Discussion in 'Camping Accessories' started by AndyC, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. Looking to get a fire pit to try and limit the amount of "It's too cold" comments when we go away next weekend.

    Are the cheap and cheerful ones any good?

  2. I've got a square one from draper tools cost me 50 quid about 8 years ago, getting a bit rusty but still does the job
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  3. Very nice.

    Think I would put some slabs under it. Bits fall out the bottom of my chiminea and have marked the slabs so your wood stuff won't stand a chance.
  4. That's not my picture..... Just an example. :)
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  5. We've got one of these too. Great bit of kit for a BBQ or firepit. A tad expensive for what they are, but if I still have it in 10 years it should pay for itself.
  6. We've had ours three years now, it could do with a lick of paint but other than that its looking pretty good!
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  7. What you need is one of these!

    FB_IMG_1430255819392.jpg FB_IMG_1430255833401.jpg
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  8. Them sausages and burgers must be huge!
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  9. Did you get a painted one or enamel? They look quite good, especially if they fit under the front seats.
    I take it you also need the stainless steel grill to cook on?
  10. Love a bit of splitty tat , they are made by chicken shed creations I think waiting for them to do a bay then not buy one :)
  11. I've got the enamelled one. The stainless grill was out of stock at the time so I'm keeping the standard one clean and oiled. Think @MorkC68 was referring to rear seat?
  12. We bought the painted one; its a bit rusty in places but it gets used!

    Yes indeed it does fit under the back seat, I should have said that really :D
  13. We have a 'Frontier Stove'.....cracking bit of kit!
    Here it is all shiney and new
    Two years later...
    Runs on kindling and sticks....chucks out enough heat for four of you to sit around, works great as an awning of all you can cook on it too, makes a superb cooked brekkie!
    They are about £120 to buy, but when this one gives up the ghost (and it's still in good nick despite the rust) I would buy another to replace it. Packs up nice and small too.
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