Finished roof rack

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  1. couldnt get a roof rack the size I wanted so I adapted a beetle one . Had to make it wider but shorter. Also I wondered how many campers were built like mine without the metal panel just behind the front seats and what was it for. I have stripped the van down to bare metal and there were no signs of the metal panels being there previously but I haven’t seen another van like it. At least it made it so I could fit swivel seat bases both sides

    6F5B38CC-25C8-4195-93CA-1B1C259A0EDF.jpeg E597CF57-9005-40E1-954E-E297606F6894.jpeg
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  2. I removed one of mine and you wouldn't know. No witness marks where it was. :)
    Westfalia were the only vans with a bulkhead removed but only the passenger side one. They formed the triangular web in the corner from the panel, your web looks like an additional piece? Good to hear it was done well.
  3. Mine was a microbus it only has the little webs like yours. Did the sunroof buses have the larger stiffeners?

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