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  1. im based in south london. ive been looking out for some time for a camper van to buy (first time) and a neighbour two streets away has put one up for sale. it is 1974 and looks like it needs quite a lot of work (im happy to get my hands dirty). do you know of an enthusiast and/or expert who could come round and have a look at it with me? i have tried to look up local VW clubs but so far I dont get through on any of the given numbers / names when I have looked online. any ideas, any one?
  2. Birdy may be able to pop around... He's in Croydon.. PM him, or what until he reads this.. Good luck
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    your in the right place -- lots of friendly people on here from down your way :)
  4. thanks bag head and poptop. its nice to get a reply. i will try to PM Birdy (PM = Post Message?).
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  6. Birdy is a busy chap - but is the ideal person to go and inspect a van ...
  7. Birdy is a great one for this sort of thing, but if your neighbour is serious about selling you could ask him the price and if you can take photos of the van (the types of photos you see on e-bay)

    From what you've seen how does it compare in price to what is listed on e-bay? Or what is listed here in the for sale section?

    Also - you say needs work - have you had a look at the resto section here? You should be able to get a good idea of what a full on restoration involves.

    You won't regret it (well - you will on occasion - I think we all have bad days) but you will be hooked before long
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    dont check it out, just buy it blind. thats what i did! ???
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  11. My other half (Majorhangover on here) said he'd be more than happy to come and have a look with you. He would've responded himself but I can't get him away from sodding Stargazing Live ::) ^-^

    We're based in Crystal Palace if that's near enough for you?
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    Did you buy it? Also recommend going to dub night at Ace Cafe to make friends and find someone who can help.
  13. Hi all,

    I'm new to all this and in exactly the same boat as the guy who started this thread. We've been talking about getting a bus for some time and an opportunity has come up through a friend of a friend. It's a 1974 Devon Pop Up which has been renovated and in pretty good nick externally although it backfired and stuttered on the test drive. They claim this hasn't happened before but the van has been sat for 6 weeks without being started. Is this a major problem to get fixed - are we being had basically??

    I'm after any advice on what to look out for and if anyone is based around the Oldbury/West Brom type area and would be willing to have a look at her for us, we'd be extremely grateful.

    We've been told that BusFest in Malvern in a couple of weeks is a good place to see a few for sale and to compare. Anyone going? Is it worthwhile?
  18. I fear that I may get hung, drawn and quartered for saying this but I know there are a few of you on here...

    I could do with getting a T5 looked at that's down in Cranleigh - is anyone knowledgeable in the area???
  19. Find one on eBay, click the button and collect it same day is my advice!

    Worked for me and so easy!!!!

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