Fiftysix delux steering wheel

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    Great looking piece of kit but it stops there unfortunately :(
    Listed to fit a 69 to 74 bay my mrs got me one as a present. My bus is 72/73
    The boss kit fits the splines of the column no problem but the holes to fit the indicator canceller are smaller than on the original wheel, so no self cancel any more.
    The horn push has a short threaded bolt to attach the wire to but no nut to fit the wire and the thread is too small to fit a female bullet connector
    Finally the gap between the wheel and the indicator and wiper switches is too small so when you turn the wheel the wipers and indicators get switched on and yes the switches are in the right place.
    The wheel is great but the boss kit is junk. They do list a 35mm spacer as "some customers would like the wheel a little close to them" but it's another £45 !!!!
    It's not a case of wanting the wheel closer more like wanting to turn without knocking the wipers or indicators on.
    So when funds allow I will have to pay for the spacer, get the new screws to fit the canceller and nut or connector to fit the horn wire properly.
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