Fiamma bike rack and carry box SOLD

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  1. A Fiamma bike rack for T2's plus a cagy box which we used for 2 weeks maximum last summer. It carried a whole heap of stuff which we couldn't squeeze in the van (we hired bikes at the other end). See here for details Please note the one i'm selling doesn't have the window for the warning square thing, that's new and on the new ones.

    This is the rack


    Both items £150 (these have has 2 weeks use only) or the rack on it's own £120 and the carry box £30.


    Collection from Portsmouth area or drop off at a show possible.
  2. Hiya,
    Have PM'd you!,
    Cheers Ian
  3. replied O0
  4. Hiya,
    Have spoke to the boss.We will take it off your hands.Will PM you my contact number.
    Cheers Ian
  5. Cool, will pm back.
  6. Provisionally sold...
  7. Properly SOLD.

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