Felixstowe Container Port Viewing Point

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  1. Fancied a night away so we nipped an hour down the A14 to Felixstowe. Parked in the free car park at the port viewing point. Walked the prom to the pier and back the sat watching the boats and a container ship being unloaded and loaded. Overnight in the car park (a bit noisy!)

    Sunday breakfast in the cafe then moved to the other end of town. Walked to the pier and back from the opposite direction then sat in the sun for a while. Set off home at 4pm.

    I love being able to hop in the van for a night away when we feel like it


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    My word, you know how to show a girl a good time. :D
  3. Love it. :thumbsup: Sunset over the water...twinkly lights from the shore...vessels on the move. In fact all the ingredients for a good evening...almost romantic with the right company. Just tune out the racket from the cranes and box carriers. :D
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  4. Nice pictures :thumbsup:
  5. Great pics...:hattip:

    They had a Room with a sea view..:thumbsup:
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