Favour required - anyone got a westy fitted with dropped spindles?

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  1. Hi all,

    Wondered if anyone has a pop top late bay westy that has fitted dropped spindles on, and they could do me a favour?

    I am looking at a nice 73 westy for sale that I am considering buying, however I am concerned that it will be too high to fit in my garage.

    It is currently standard height, but the first thing I could do if I buy it is fit dropped spindles & drop the rear 1 spline & I was wondering if anyone had this set up & they could measure the max height for me - it will need to be quite accurate as I am very very close!

    I realise that the height for the pop top is quoted at 80 inches, however these buses usually sit a bit lower after they have 'sagged' for 40 years so I really need a real-life measurement rather than jsut quoting the OEM spec.

    I have 77 inches between the floor & the lowest part of my garage door set up, so like I say very marginal!

    Many thanks.
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    My garage door opening was 80" the door was an up and over which sat slightly lower and my front hinged westy roof used to scrape under it. Literally!
  3. I have rear hinge Westy with 2½“ drop spindles and 195/70x15 tyres (same diameter as standard), the rear is dropped one spline. Height is a gnats less than 2.0 metres or about 78½“ but if it were lowered another 1½” the tyre would be on the wheel arch.
  4. Was that a standard height bus Poptop 2?
  5. So looks like I am knackered with my 77 inch door then 77 Westy? :(
  6. The solution is to raise the door.:thumbsup:
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  7. What about putting side hinges on the garage door?

    Just forgot who else did this to there's.
  8. Someone has bodged my garage door in the past like that, ive kept it like it for the height reason.
  9. Bodged for a reason then.
  10. It was bodged cos the mechanism was knackered, suits me how it is though :)
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  11. Roller Shutter Door will give extra height, and they sit up in the roof above the door :hattip:
  12. If you have the height inside, otherwise it's an external fit :thumbsup:
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  13. exactly that :D
  14. thanks for the info guys..

    I have an electric sectional door which virtually sits right up against the bottom of my garage door joists so no more height to be gained - the issue is that my garage is quite low inside & using a sectional door makes the most of all the height available.

    Looks like a tintop then lol
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  16. In that case the solution is to lower the garage floor.;)
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  17. I have a 73 front hinge Westy that’s lowered on adjustable beam and one spline and it’s 1.97m highest point sitting on 185/75/14 van tyres (stock are 185/80/14).
    That’s about 77.55” so it’s close!
    Many people fit smaller tyres for more arch clearance on lower buses, which would get you a little more drop, but you would lose a little Speedo accuracy.

    I’ll measure it again when I get a chance just to be sure, but it certainly goes under 2m height restrictions (I was very nervous on one 2m ferry limit although the Marshall waved me on!) and my 2m garage.

    I’m sure some non-Westfalia pop tops are lower.

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  18. Just done some measuring. My bus is lower than I thought!
    76” at its highest.

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