Farmhouse Caravan Camping, Small Dole, West Sussex

Discussion in 'West Sussex' started by baygeekster, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. We've been to this site before and it was really nice, so when we needed somewhere to stay near Brighton the night before Brighton Breeze, we went back again.

    It's a really nice campsite in a quiet village just outside Henfield - it's about 20 minutes to Shoreham, and then another 25 minutes along the coast road to Brighton from there so really handily placed.

    The campsite itself is a large field, with hookups all round the edge. The facilities are basic (the showers are clean, but look upwards and you'll see 20 years worth of spiders). You also have to pay 75p for 5 minutes in the shower - shower tokens. There are decent washing up facilities, and there's recycling too.

    The field is also home to a small menagerie of animals, in pens or hutches, guinea pigs, rabbits, goats, and the chickens have free roam of the field.

    We paid £11 for the night including hook up - it's quiet and peaceful and we'd recommend it.
  2. Has anyone else stayed here recently to know if it is still good? Unfortunately they don't appear to have a website :(

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