Farmers say. . . . .

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  1. I'm just pondering.

    There is a billboard on the A303 just east of Ilchester with the comment:

    Farmers say. . . . .

    It is then blank.

    So what do farmers say?
  2. dog


  4. ged ooorrrffff my laaaand
  5. Other than "we don't make any money " I'd guess at "I'm having a bad year due to the weather as it don't rain enough"
  6. Think Tractor
  7. John Deere?
  8. i wish someone would offer me £4million for my land so i can retire in barbados whilst they build new houses
  9. ooh that reminds me.. i did the euro lottery for tonight :D
  10. "How much????"
  11. hello FLW!!! was wondering where you were :D
  14. see ewe soon
  15. Ill pay you next week?
  18. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    The one I just spoke to said
    "Sorry mate, I'll be right down to get them cows outta yar garden, bloody animals"
  19. "get your coows outa my barn"

    "i've got a combine harvester and i give you the key"
  20. why do farmers make love to sheep at the edge of the cliff

    cause they push back harder
    o rrrrrrrrrr thats right

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