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  1. That was my next port of call , faulty switch fooling the machine into thinking it's still full of water and not letting it spin ...
    Always worth blowing down the pipe to clear any build up of gunge..
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  2. I have had a Hoover level sensor hose fill up with washing powder and block, caused a flood. Just took the level sensor hose off the switch and blew down the hose to clear it. Hard water here in Hampshire, with contaminants from the scrap pile over @snottys fence.
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  3. This is why I bought a Bosch washing machine with a large load capacity, no wifi crap and a brushless motor.. so the door catch keeps breaking. Only £200 more.
  4. LG for the win

    Absolute quality.

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  5. I stuck a new sump on it. The old one was full of limescale and congealed washing powder, air pipe completely blocked. Surprised it worked at all. Going like a good ‘un now :thumbsup:
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  6. Did find 50p in the coin trap, tho’

    Winner :thumbsup:
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