Fancy a club stand at Tatton Park on August 2021?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zebedee, Mar 31, 2021.

  1. Any chance a mod can sticky this for a few days?
    There's not a lot of time to book and also not a lot of club plots available this year.

    Club bookings for Tatton are now open.
    Do we want a stand this year?

    Some things to note:
    One size plots (8-10 cars)
    Advance tickets essential for your members (available soon) - you'll need to order a ticket online

    Should I just book a 10 car plot again?
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    I’ve made it sticky :eek:
    I’d just book a stand - we should be able to get a few folk involved.
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  3. I'm up for that .... seems forever since I did anything VW related.
  4. Yeh we’d be up for that as usual
  5. Just booked a 10 car plot. Got this email confirmation:
    This time we will not be taking payment at the gates, all your members will need to book an advance ticket online, info will be sent to you about that soon.

    Also, please can I remind you to take care that the vehicles you plan to display, plus banners, seating or whatever else you have in mind, *must* fit on a 15m wide X 10m deep plot. This is *really* important as it forms part of our COVID-safe risk assessment.
  6. I’d potentially be up for this, although I may be working if the Olympics go ahead. What’s the craic?
  7. The last few years i've had the club stand passes sent to me, people who want on the stand send me an SAE and i post them the pass.
    They are usually send out beginning to middle of july.

    Its a full advance tickets only show this year from the sound of it so no turning up on the day and paying.
  8. Yes I'm up for it again Martin - book me in please .
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  9. So it would appear that we have to book on line less headache for you @Zebedee .... unless I've read it wrong.
  10. Normally (pre covid years) i'd get the passes, send them out to you and you'd turn up and pay the entrance fee on the gate. This year is the same except theres no paying at the gate as all entry tickets are to be bought online in advance.
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  11. Did think that if you didn't have some control ( I use the term loosely), we could have had 20 vans turning up ... not that its happened when I've attended.
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  12. Hi all
    Don't think I will be ready by then , not at the rate I'm going at.Will pop in and see you though.
  13. I've added all interested to the Tatton conversation. @steve77bay i've added you too so get you finger out and get it ready. :p

    If you can think of anyone else who might not have seen this thread but will want o the club stand add their name.
  14. Any spaces left? I could be tempted to come down an play.
  15. Yep loads of space.
    I'll add you to the conversation.
  16. Be rude not to show my face again am in if there’s space. :thumbsup:
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  17. I'm up for this :thumbsup: .
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  19. Added you both to the conversation.
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  20. Tatton organisers say tickets on Sale *very soon*, we are EXCITED! Everyone will need an advance ticket, no cash or cards on the gate, we don't need to say why. . . .

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