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  1. Hi guys, I have a 1973 Holdsworth conversion campervan. But I can't find any info regarding what the van started out as. I am looking to replace all the window rubbers but how on earth can you tell if they are factory fit Windows from new or cut from a panel Van??[​IMG]

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  2. Factory windows are recessed in, panel van windows sit flush with the panel.

    Factory window:

    Panel van window:

    I’d say yours are panel van windows.

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  3. Thanx fella. I think I see what you mean. The window of a panel Van would be level with the bodywork and the seal would be like a bubble between them, where the factory Windows would actually be below the line of the bodywork and the seal would change down into the window... ?? Yeah, i think I got it

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    Yep, yours is a panel van conversion.
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    I would say yours is panel van from your pictures
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  6. This youtube clip should help
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    i know him I knooowww himmmmm :D
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  8. Yep, they are exactly the same as mine, so mine is definitely a panel Van conversion.
    Thanx all for your help

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  9. Hi,
    Sorry to hijack the thread but I have panel van windows on my van, could any of you chaps with van type windows please post photos of the inside, yes the inside. I want to see how you guys have finished the interior around the frames....... panelling, stretch carpet? Please, lets see how yours is finished...... Thanks
  10. Hijack away mate
    That would be handy to know for me too

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  11. We used 4 way stretch carpet on ours. We did it with the windows out, stretched it into the corners etc. It was done in two bits along each side, with the join hidden at the back behind the head locker. Then carpet lined each of the clip in panels. [​IMG]

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  12. Look at the chassis number up under the dash on the lefthand air duct, if the second digit is a 1 then it's a panel van, if it's a 2, 3, or 4 then it had factory windows. Though looking at your picture thats a panel van. I'm halfway through converting my panel van to factory windows, not a small job.

    At the start

    At the end
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