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    I hadn't been to Exmouth for a long long time - usually because heading down the M5 for a few days wasn't economical or I wasn't prepared to sit in long queues on the way there or way back.

    My wife figured that it would be quieter over New Year and the weather looked less favourable in the Midlands or Up Norf!

    This time of year there aren't many campsites open, and if you now me you know I rarely use a campsite. So, with the help of www.searchforsites.co.uk I worked out that we could stay on the Estuary/Sea front for a few days - their costings are a little odd as it states either £11 per night (rip off in my opnion or you can pay for number of days, which I think we paid £12 for 72 hours).

    Even though it was winter, Exmouth was still quite busy, especially the beaches and the Estuary. We were enteratined by Kite Surfers and Wind Surfers - especially on the Friday as it was very windy. There are lots of walks nearby, inlcuding along the Cliff tops to Budleigh Salterton, the Otter River Walk and there is a path and cycle path that goes up to Exeter and around the esteruary mouth to Dawlish. Heather doesn't cycle so we only walked as far as Lympstone - where the cafe does fab cream teas!!!

    Exmouth, I'll be back :)

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