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  1. So I was thinking. Could anyone kindly post which ones they have bought that were rubbish? Rather than which one they think is good.

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  2. Colman event shelter. Spot on though is quite heavy.
  3. I use both in work, and the event shelter is much more stable and weather resistant although not as quick to put up as a gazebo but even a fairly gentle breeze will try to flip a gazebo. Only bought Coleman event shelters, all cheap gazebo's we've bought are pretty rubbish.
  4. Have a halfords event shelter bought at the end of last season in the sales. Camped in fairly windy conditions and all good but it is heavy. Probably why it can take the wind.
  5. I have the Coleman event shelter it's the deluxe one with metal poles, it's great and you can park your van inside if lowered
  6. Our MG club has the 4 metre Coleman event shelter - and it really needs at least 4 people to put it up - although 2 of us did do it with a struggle when we first got it. As mentioned the gazebos are usually quite flimsy - especially the plastic folding ones which are quick to erect but fold up in a wind!
  7. I've got the Halfords event shelter with additional side panels and also a gazebo from Argos. The gazebo is much heavier but a bit more hard wearing. Prefer the event shelter to be honest.

    EDIT - Both are good.
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  8. Guess this Lot were rubbish at exams as they never read the questions.
  9. I'll take the blame. I replied first :oops:
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  10. So as everyone is ignoring the actual question I will also give a recommendation. www.garden-camping.com we use a gazebo from them for poptop and it's excellent, into its third season now and only just have had to replace a couple of parts. They do spares on the website. Out gazebo has a hard time and is up and down all the time and it copes very well
  11. One bad aspect of any awning type thing can be the bulk. You're sort of forced to put it up or at least chuck it outside to make space inside the van if you have a bulky one. Or tow a trailer... :eek:
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  12. Woodylubber

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    We use the Coleman event shelter, love it
  13. Have you also ignored the question or have I missed it?

    Could anyone kindly post which ones they have bought that were rubbish? Rather than which one they think is good

    My answer is - gazebo - I borrowed off my parents was heavy and rubbish compared to my colemans event shelter
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  14. Yes its a bit confusing but I've got the gist. Soooo now I want to know which colman shelter everyone has and is it too heavy?

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  15. Youve got the forum well sussed. Dont ask a straight question if you want a straight answer. Ask for the opposite of what you want and miraculously you get the info you wanted. Reverse psychology. I like it! AQA biology A level stylee!
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  16. I am very wise

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  17. PSG


    I have a 4.5m coleman event shelter, it is not mega heavy, but I am used to lifting stuff. However, if you expect it to last, expect it to be heavier than expected.

    The only problem i have had with it, is that it has a rip in the canvas (due to a bit of oak flying off my chopsaw) too big in my opinion to use tape on, and coleman do not do replacement canvases, only poles etc.
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  18. I've got a Coleman 10ft x 10ft

    You can buy sides with windows/doors

    Costco have them in now or go outdoors usually have them
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