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  1. The Swedish track is ok - like a second rate rhianna song
  2. UK need to get Calvin Harris to do the 2013 entry - seriously that would be amazing
  3. Done Norway twice in the night. Sorry Norway.
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  7. Thankyou and good night i enjoyed that music extravaganza. Especially TLB style 8)
  8. We may have lost but remember what language it is presented in.
  9. To be honest it's probably a relief to everyone but Sweden - 25 countries breathe a collective sigh of relief when they realise they're not going to have to foot the bill for putting on next year's contest.

    Originally conceived as a vehicle to promote European unity, as far as I can see, it merely provides a platform for European stereotypes and prejudices these days. (Remember the voting patterns when we sent troops to Iraq for Gulf War 2?) Mind you, I'm no longer part of the target audience anymore, so that's OK. ;)
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  12. Poor old Engelbert. He should have taken one of his biggest hits, like Quando Quando Quando, or however you spell it, pumped it up, bring it right up to date and add a bit more tempo. He would have gone a lot further with that. The song he used just had no spark in it and he didn't sing it that well either on the night. Still, at least he didn't come last or score nil point.
  13. ingle got what he deserved , he was terrible , followed close behind with them 2 celerys jed ward , owen nw

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