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  1. Spent a few days there last week , a few on here will be familiar with this site as the annual VW show is there in April of each year.
    Facilities are very good , hook-up available , the walks and scenery are some of the best in the lakes.
    Three local pubs , two a stones throw from the site. 20190919_194412.jpg 20190920_113334.jpg 20190920_142316.jpg 20190920_141526.jpg 20190920_135633.jpg 20190920_113334.jpg 20190920_134319.jpg 20190919_194454.jpg
    Scafell pike was a glorious experience ,and the weather was , well simply fab !
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  2. Forgot to mention it was £31.00 for the 4 of us per night including the hook up !...………. which I thought was reasonable, although the on-site shop ( as most ) was a tad on the expensive side.
  3. views look great :D
  4. What a very very inviting pub :thumbsup::burp:....Did you sell the flag bus ...and where did it go ?
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    We must get there again sometime.
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  6. Would be fantastic for a latebay event ! :thinking:
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  7. Not for sale ! ;)
  8. It's good especially the whiskey tasting and your right it is darn expensive but the li

    Pubs are ace.....think we need to go again next year long overdue what does Bern think eehh
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  9. Sounds a plan

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