FOR SALE Engine stand

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  1. Heavy duty engine stand

    In need of a wire brush and a lick of paint.

    Looking for £40

    Based in Birmingham b26

    Could maybe take to techenders

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  2. That's nice, how much for postage to B27 (Acocks Green) ? :D :D :D
    (I'm tempted as I'll have my engine out for some work this or next winter.)

    (I will be at TE anyway, hopefully)
  3. I’m from B26 :D. Don’t need an engine stand though. Plus, I live in deepest Yorkshire now :thumbsup:
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  4. Your 2 min down the road from me :thumbsup:
  5. To be clear I used to live there, my family still does so I’m up there all the time and they love the bus so we often go in that. I’m only an hour down the m5 and I’ll be at Techenders next weekend anyway. If nobody else jumps on it I may just have it off you.
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  6. BTW I'm afraid to ask... how much does it weigh? :thinking:
  7. No idea sorry, its not mega heavy.
  8. I'm at B37, not too far from you guys. :thumbsup:
  9. Doesn't look like I'll make techenders. If anyone's interested in the stand it will need to be collected :thumbsup:
  10. Hi, I am interested in the stand and if it is still available, if it is I'm at techenders at the moment and intend to leave Tuesday would it be possible to collect as I go home probably mid day ish
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  11. Pm sent
  12. Did this sell?

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  13. I think so ..

    @Rich83 ?

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  14. Yes this has sold now
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  15. Snooze you loose

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