Engine lid/tailgate upgrade ideas.

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by Bernard Fishtrousers, May 23, 2015.

  1. I'll be replacing my lid and gate at some point this year.
    Now whereas I know what I'm planning for the gate, an opening window, inset downwards facing adjustable spotlights to illuminate my camping area and possibly Skoda style inset brollies...
    I am unsure what I can do with my engine lid.
    For a while, I've had a nice US numberplate stand off thing and have been toying with a load of nice, subtle louvres behind the plate in me lid but, will that actually work or will it just upset the whole hot/cold thing?
    Advice please.
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    Whale tail it.
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  5. Hang a large photo of a Turbo Scooby engine behind the engine lid for maximum Kudos from a distance when parked up with the lid open.
  6. what about replacing the hinges and lid stay with something more substantial, so the lid is horizontal when fully opened.....use it as a shelf for outdoor cooking?
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  7. A fold out bumper dumper instead?

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  8. Put a pair of tiny chairs or camping stools in it like a T5 California tailgate. Then when you need to work on the engine, slide out the stool and sit on it..

    But do not cut any holes in it unless you like hotter engines.
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  9. Make it side hinging so you don't have to duck under it to fix your engine.
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  10. The replacement engine lid stay I've got does only take the lid to horizontal, makes a handy shelf when working on engine things.

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