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    A review/comparison of engine lid hinges, if you are needing to replace them it's most likely that water has rusted and worn the inside of the hinge or hinge pins, or as in my case someone previously had welded them to the engine lid panel.

    The hinges available generally fall into 2 categories, £8/9 each or £13 each. The more expensive being made by Wolfsburg West,

    As with most other people my van restoration isnt an open cheque book and I'll try to save some money where I can, on this basis my thoughts were "how wrong can a set of hinges be"

    As I was to find out, Very wrong! hopefully the pics do the talking.




    The shiny looking hinges, are poorly cast, not straight, loose on the pins and not identical to each other, I didn teven bother trying to fit them as I know they would be hassle and still not be right, the other Wolfsburg West hinges are excellent and well worth the extra £5 per hinge.
  2. I can't believe companies get away with selling such shoddy goods.
  3. welded mine in looool..made the rust look better >:D
  4. The quality of a lot of the parts out there is shocking

    Thanks for sharing your findings dude
    With more posts like this we can all steer away from the carp out there
  5. I bought a set of expensive BBT quality hinges

    ..........even they arent right, one closes more than the other if you know what I mean - I'll have to trim it with a grinder to get them both to match :mad:

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