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  1. Three seconds of "googling" :thumbsup:
  2. Lids had em for sale not long ago. They had their own screens on em,too. £25.00 I think...
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  3. I used Moqo view , but that is what’s suggested in the instructions

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  4. Android ones seem to be ok ish and cheap at about twenty quid a pop. I.O.S. Is a completely different story as most won’t work with that system. There are a few that will work with that system but need to run through wi fi. If anyone needs one for I.O.S. Including wi fi and good for about five to ten metres depending on wot u is penetrating then message me.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,, about fifty :)
  5. I am on iOS so went for a wifi one and the recommended app is sea_otter.
    Seems to work okay but not got lens dirty yet!
  6. the hopital trying out theres on me on the first :rolleyes:
  7. Why not bring your own one along and save the hospital a fortune in cleaning costs!
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