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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sir Arthur, Aug 7, 2020.

  1. Been a while since I posted on here. April last year in fact.

    Anyway the day has come... and already gone. Yesterday my van was driven away by its new owner. Just three months shy of ten years of van ownership has come to an end. My boy is starting a secondary school that will need us to drive and suddenly we were in a position where we needed two reliable, economical and low-carbon vehicles with no room for a third "luxury" Had it on a couple of sales sites with nothing much happening for six weeks, then put it on Facebook and it was bought within the day! A very nice couple that are going to use it to take them surfing in the West County (the camper version of living on a farm where it can make friends with other vans).

    Not a lot to say really. Sadness and relief (in not having a drawn-out sale process) in equal measure. Learnt a fair few skills in the last decade and met some nice and interesting people. The Techenders weekends were fun (though once losing all my oil within two miles of the campsite wasn't a highlight). I will miss the fun of just driving the thing and the camaraderie of the little waves from driver to driver. The last one of those was to a T25 while on the new owner-to-be's test drive. Was glad I sold it while it was working beautifully and could sell it with a clear conscious. Received four grand more than I paid for it, but probably laid out around £15k in that time!!

    Anyway I might be on here a little bit to sell some of the remaining van ephemera (thermal binds cough cough), although I did throw most of it in with the van.

    And that was that... https://twitter.com/SirArthurIndeed/status/1291412115702583296
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    Good riddance :p
  3. Another one for the growing gang of non owners :cool:
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    Do you think you will be back on in a while @Sir Arthur with another van?! I’ve always missed having a camper once I’ve sold one - though I’ve also had T25’s and T4’s.

    I’m currently missing having a T4! :oops:
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  5. I can't see it happening. Just the occasional rental (I have a T4 booked for a festival next summer).
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  6. Yeah, I said that, when I sold my 73 1700 twin slider.
    A month later, a 72 Devon took its space...that was 2008...
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  7. Yes I sold my 73 Westfalia and within a year I’d bought the 72 westfalia
    But I knew when I sold that I wouldn’t buy another :D
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  8. A camper van is an ideal people mover and a lot cooler in the school car park than another Chelsea Tractor.

    And all the time that car companies can sell PHEV hybrid boxes with the same real fuel economy as a Bay Window, I feel no shame in using my Bay Window as much as I can.
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