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    Having had the belly pans stripped off the bus after its mega MOT failure which was down to rotting sills, I decided to buy some mudflaps.

    I thought I would buy EMPI mudflaps because the bus already has some with EMPI logos fitted at the back.

    These cost basically £48 from VW Heritage.

    In 2005, the mudflaps were rubber. They quite easily flex. In general these are quite good.

    In 2017 they are made out of some waxy plastic and are quite stiff but will flex out of the way.

    The brackets they come with are quite heavy painted mild steel and as set of mild steel fixings are provided.

    The brackets look like they might fit the rear, but my bus already has the flaps bolted direct to the bottom of the wheel arch where there is a single thickness of metal extending below the battery tray.

    In order to get them to fit at the front, I had to make up a fixing. I decided to use some 1/2" or 13mm stainless box section cut to length with some stainless steel strip to clamp the flaps to the box section.

    I cut a slot in the back of the box section to get it to fit over the flange that protrudes vertically into the front wheel arch - the end of the sill.

    I then drilled 9mm holes and used a couple of nut rivets to fix the flap to the front of the jacking point. And used some M6 x 50mm stainless bolts to hold the flaps on. I cleaned up the wheel arch and then liberally smeared underseal under the box section, and on top to guide water away from the joint.

    After our recent trip through the Mendips and down to the A303 from Bristol on small country roads, there was a good 5mm of mud caked on the flaps. Which represents mud which did not get sprayed over the outriggers.

    If I had not had EMPI mudflaps already , I would have bought some other unbranded but identical shaped mudflaps off eBay for a lot less than £48.

    I would have liked to have the flaps made out of some kind of rubber rather than a harder plastic.

    All in all - not much use as a front wheel flap as the fixing kit is not suitable, without fabricating extra parts, but as a part of protecting a £4000 investment in my bus they are worth while.

    If you are going to end up with something made in China, buy something cheaper unless you must show the brand.

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  2. I can supply early or late front or rear brackets in laser cut stainless same as original...
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