Empi Carb spacer

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  1. Carb Spacer, Alternator Conversion for VW Beetle T1,Transporter T2,Karmann Ghia


    Seen this while looking for a new carb gasket on GSF, sounded like a good idea, a bit of clearance between the carb and the alternator and 2 new gaskets for £12.

    The first thing i noticed was how big the holes in the gaskets were, meaning the gasket would not fit right hampering fuel flow.

    I fitted the stud extenders to my carb but no matter how tight I got them they would sit proud of the extension piece by at least half a mil making the bottom gasket useless.

    had this gone unnoticed, if not at start up then defiantly at full rev's fuel would be leaking from the inlet manifold onto the engine.

    You expect some aftermarket bits not to be 100% and require a small bit of modification but this kit is dangerous in the wrong hands.

    I refuse to believe that mine are freakishly long studs, and the studs are clearly M8 why supply a gasket with M10 holes.

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  2. doesn`t EMPI stand for Marmite Marmite Marmite Marmite ?

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