1. hi this is for the organisers of the Elemental show a suggestion why can't you move to Barleylands in August now that Sweetcorn has packed up as the show ground at Rayleigh is allways full i am sure with a bit of promoting it would be a fab show
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  2. The door is always open for a new promoter to organise a new event ... ;)
    Fancy giving it a go ??
    Probably not .
    The Elemental lot will have their stall set out regarding contacts for running the show - catering , bogs , entertainment etc etc . It`s not just a case of moving the whole shebang , there`s a lot more to consider ...

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  3. Good idea, @Technohippy is the main fella who does it

    I like the new showground though, it was only a bit crowded because some of it flooded due to that rain, last year was fine for parking
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  4. Barleylands.... no chance ever! They want a stupid amount of money for their field, and when jeff did his show there a couple of years they messed him about something rotten with sudden extra charges and making him change the show layout to suit them for no apparent reason at the last minute... i.e. half way through them actually marking it all out. Barleylands is more hassle than it's worth.

    In addition... bigger site means needing more people to cover it and justify it which means going over the 2499 people limit into a whole new very time consuming mess of regulations for licensing. Suddenly I'll have to pay for two qualified SIA to be standing in the beer tent at all times alcohol is being served, I won't be able to use volunteers to marshal any traffic on the site it will all have to be qualified SIA marshals hired in etc etc ....

    If you want to go to a bigger Elemental go to TOMIE or Whitenoise

    I'm OK with the size of headache I have each year and I'm quite happy with the idea that it might sell out completely in advance next year. Camping will be 100% prebook in advance for sure next year anyway.

    If anyone else wants to put on a show that's different and bigger, good luck to you, I'll give you the contacts and the help but bigger event is not for me thanks :)
  5. I know the landowner at Barleylands - don't go there! Sounds like it was very successful, sorry I could not go as was away.
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  6. Thanks now I know why jeff packed up looks like i hit a sore point with you, it was not meant to offend.
  7. it was one of several reasons Jeff had enough in the end. It's not a sore point, I just thought I'd explain exactly why moving and or increasing in size is something that isn't going to happen on my watch :)
  8. Tbh I love elemental how and where it is now

    Don't change it please
    I love the laid back nature of it and the team do a cracking job
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  9. Cheers techno

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