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  1. Don't worry I'm not making a bomb
    The rechargeable battery on my bait boat transmitter/ remote which is basically an internal mobile phone battery is fooked and I need to replace it there is nothing written on it so I don't know what to order, I've seen one on eBay which is exactly the same size with different connections, are mobile batteries all the same voltage
    Battery at the top is the old one[​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Someone must know
  3. They must. That someone isn’t me by the way.
  4. But you're clever:thumbsup:
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  5. The Lord will know. Have you tried the power of prayer?
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  6. I was going to give Baz an answer via the medium of Interpretive Dance. But is he ready for truth as I see it as an Artiste?
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  7. I’ve just constructed an installation out of old breeze blocks that symbolises the repressive nature of all sources of power. On at the Tate Modern from next week.
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  8. What voltage is the battery, Baz?
  9. Don't go getting all technical now :rolleyes:
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  10. That's the thing I don't know there's nothing written on it :(
  11. Measure it?
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  12. I am not falling for that one again, .........oh the battery, it's 20mmx 40 mm:thumbsup:
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  13. The voltage, ya fool!
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  14. Baz there was a thread on the Carp Forum regarding swapping out bait boat batteries for a different type.
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  15. How the contact has snapped off anyway it's dead
  16. Cheers I'll check
  17. I think there was a group of guys who were changing the supplied batteries for a more modern type.
  18. I think that is a lithium ion polymer battery.
    I think they are 3.7v by default. You could get higher voltage but would be able to see 2 cells strapped together for 7.2 v, 4 cells strapped together for 14.4 etc.
    Just found this that agrees.
  19. That is a 3.7 volt cell without a protection circuit. Protection should be present, can be on the PCB its soldered to.

    The ones with a protection circuit should work, if it gives trouble you could strip the protection circuit off carefully from under the yellow Kynar tape at the end.

    In some cases you can take the dimensions and that becomes the part number . So 40x20x3.5 mm might actually be coded 402035 e.g.


    Fit one thats too small it doesnt last as long.
    Fit one too big and it either doesnt fit or your bait boat floats upside down , or it works. Wont do any damage until you get to massively too big.

    See there is a helpful spirit.
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  20. Thank you Mike I've just ordered one from your link, I've looked at the circuit board and it has negative printed above the solder so I should be ok to just solder it back on

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