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  1. It was fitted last year in Spain Ray when we had a brake refresh at Karvans in Seville. The garage would have just fitted whatever bits they had in stock so I don't blame them. It was unbranded as far as I could see, although was new. They fit new cylinders as a matter of course if fitting shoes...can see why!
    Just goes to show though we don't know what we're getting inside seemingly standard fit components.
  2. Ah ok. Maybe better luck with the latest purchase then.
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  3. I ran a pertronix for 6 years in my type 4 engine. Never had to adjust it, it stayed rock solid at the correct timing.

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  4. I have a 123 distributor, lovely bit of kit
  5. What do points make?
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  6. A giraffe!

  7. That one was down to a major plastics supplier to GM going belly up in the 2008 bank crisis. It removed over supply so it was not so easy for smaller manufacturers to get the good stuff.
    That was the story on the Samba, some provided by people in the industry.
    Plus in china if its black and rubbery and your QC inspector is a complete ocean away, who gives a ...

    Plus the USA TinHat (TM) its all the ozone from electric cars.. not likely synchronous AC drives dont spark...

    Actually the good stuff is there. If you pay £140 instead of £24 for your CV boots you can have them made by VW within the last year or so...
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  8. Thanks everyone
    Has anyone got any information about Power Spark btw
  9. ditto
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  10. ditto. 123 is spot on.
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  11. Ditto Ditto - about 7 years and counting....
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  12. ive got a powerspark in mine, type 4 engine, been in there about 6 years with no issues.
    was about £18 when i bought it
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  13. 123 for me as well, so far hassle free and easy to set up. Haven't touched it since fitted about three years back. Starts straight away.
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    Used points until I changed engine. It just seemed like less hassle to me. They’re hardly difficult to set up!
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  15. Not difficult to set up but annoying if you forget to adjust, and then realise as you are nursing a car along ten miles of motorway without AA cover that the reason why it barely runs is the points.
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    I solved that by not forgetting to spend 2 minutes adjusting the points a couple of times a year.
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  17. It was in 1990 and in a Ford " fridge" Fiesta. It was painted white. Open the the door - its full of plastic and the light maybe comes on. And the shutoff solenoid used to ping off at above 50mph or accelerating 'hard'.

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