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  1. "Unfortunately, it’s just for display since it is equipped with only a 10 kWh battery pack, which would give the vehicle an extremely limited range"

    WTF!? What the point in building this thing if its just for display?

    Jehu Garcia built his own electric "samba" several years ago and drives it daily, guy from EV west also daily drives his electric split bus. Been done before, and better too.

    IMO vw should just get on with bringing the ID Buzz to market as soon as they can rather than doing a poor job of electrifying classics.
  2. there was more in the second link, you might have missed it

    As a concept upgrade (more for fun i would guess) I think its pretty cool
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  3. Jehu Garcia has made a proper useable electric splitscreen, look him up on Youtube
  4. oh man, he's done a 356 as well. mad
  5. he hasnt but EV West do loads, look them up too
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  7. ^^^^^^^^^
    I think that's the outfit I was going to mention from California. They do loads of vehicles and very well too using Tesla parts that the guy accumulated over some years.
  8. Whats with the wheels and steering wheel/mirror stalks? :eek: Looks like someone got a 3D printer for christmas
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