Ebay bargain but not for long!

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Stan, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. how is this only £4000?
  2. oh just seen its bidding and still got 3days left thought that awas buy it now... silly phone...x
  3. I recon it will be between £10-12k before it ends? But you never know? VW dealer wanting to get rid- fools I would clean it up stick it in the showroom and put a £15k price tag on!
  4. Shiny paint syndrome possibly ??

    One look at that engine bay tells me there will be other corners cut elsewhere
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  5. Naaa 1 owner from new, only taken out when its hot and sunny and bird poo washed off paint as soon as it happens(which I actually do - sad!) original air in the tyres since 1979 and still has that new car smell - honest! I am sure it will be a bargain for someone if nobody bids on it - I would have it for £4K!
  6. Funnily enough this is in my watched list...Viking roof an all....
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  7. Golden rule with Fleabay go and see it in the rust first!
  8. Oh I shan't be bidding...nearly got burnt before 'winning' a Westfalia at just under 12k. Then all went quiet. Then the lister said she'd listed on behalf of a friend for £50 and a percentage of the final price. Then it turned up on VZI, Pistonheads etc... It turned out gen, he just didn't get what he wanted for it.
  9. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Funny now they won't accept bids from people with less than 95% feedback yet only have 94.1% themselves.
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  10. Sneaky buggers
  11. You could have had it for £7400...not bad really...you never know, the new owners might appear on here soon, saying they just picked up an absolute bargain...let's hope so..:D

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  12. We are here to help.
  13. They got 85mph out of a 1600 t1 engine in a bus no problem :eek: Engine has done 500 miles, probably only good for another 500 now :D
  14. You know how car mechanics like to drive! I did think that there was a bit of poetic licence there, maybe the speedo read in kmh and the poor guy got confused.
  15. Ooooh !
  16. String 'em up....ebay accounts should be suspended when they do that...one strike and you're out...

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